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Frequently Asked Questions

Brow lamination uses solutions to create voluminous, full, feathery brows that are both natural looking, and defined. The treatment perms the brows straight to keep them in the desired shape for up to eight weeks.

The perm solution works by breaking down the proteins in the hair, and then the setting solution locks in your desired shape/ position & hair direction. The nourishing serum helps to reseal the hair follicles and adds shine to your new, feathery brows!

Not really! Just ensure your brows are clean and dry. We do recommend waiting 6-8 weeks before doing the treatment if you have recently had eyebrow microblading, as the solution may fade the tattoo if completed too early.

You can expect to have a more defined arch, with that beautiful ‘brushed up’ effect. Your new brows will look thicker and fuller.

The treatment has proven to do very little damage to your brows. Using the nourishing oil daily will ensure they continue to feel and look hydrated.

Up to 8 weeks (until the hair grows out). Our kit can be used up to six times though, so consider that 12 months of gorgeous brows.

There isn’t much maintenance required. However, for the next 48 hours, avoid makeup on the area, avoid your brows getting wet & avoid using tanning lotion on the face. If you’d like, brush your brows in the set direction every day to style.

Not at all! The kit is for brows of all shapes, sizes and hair thickness.

Yes, it’s business as usual for those beautiful brows! However, please avoid getting your brows wet for 24-48 hours after treatment so your brows have a chance to soak up the full benefits of the treatment.

The process does involve having chemicals on your skin and hair, so problems can occur just like any other cosmetic treatment. You must ensure that the skin patch test is done 48 hours before treatment, and ensure that you stick to the instructions.

By just brushing the eyebrow hairs up and setting them into place, the brows can look so much wider and fuller! Brow lamination works just as well for those who have microblading and semi permanent brow tattooing. By resetting the hair over the tattooing, your eyebrows will look more textured, uniform and natural. We do recommend waiting 6-8 weeks before using our brow lamination kit after microblading, as the treatment may fade the tattoo if done too early.